Maple Ridge Saved!

06, Nov Rich Dilks

On Thursday, November 5, 2015 closing took place on the contract to purchase Maple Ridge. After many years of efforts by citizens and government working together, Maple Ridge has truly been saved. The rolling meadows, woodlands, marshes, ponds and waterways of Maple Ridge will become a state preserve, a nature park, a haven for wildlife and a place for all of us to enjoy the beauty and diversity of our region’s natural heritage.

The Friends of Maple Ridge have been proud to work with and assist those entities whose commitments of resources and dedication have made this new park possible: the South Jersey Land & Water Trust, New Jersey DEP and Green Acres, Gloucester County and the municipalities of Mantua, Deptford and Wenonah. Thank you for all you have done.

We wish especially to thank the many, many supporters and volunteers that have worked with and encouraged us over the years of this effort. If you donated to the public campaign to save Maple Ridge, signed a petition, displayed a lawn sign, attended a fund raiser or helped spread our message, you have had an important part in achieving the success we celebrate today. Without your support, we could not have succeeded.

You can read the full DEP press release here.

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