One of the most beautiful and ecologically significant places in Gloucester County has been saved. The former Maple Ridge golf course in Mantua and Deptford Townships has become the newly created Tall Pines State Preserve. Having worked for this goal for many years, the Friends of Maple Ridge have now formed ourselves into a new organization with a new mission. We have become the Friends of Tall Pines State Preserve and we have joined with and become a part of the South Jersey Land & Water Trust, continuing the partnership that did so much to make Tall Pines a reality.

The Friends of Tall Pines will be the permanent Friends organization for Tall Pines State Preserve. We will assist and work with Preserve management on projects to enhance the Preserve. Our mission is to help make and keep Tall Pines State Preserve a great place for wildlife to thrive and for people to enjoy.

The Friends of Tall Pines gives supporters of the Preserve the opportunity to be a part of this mission, to make a difference and to help preserve and improve this very special place. The Friends of the Tall Pines will assist Tall Pines State Preserve by sponsoring volunteer projects and activities that will preserve, protect or enhance the natural beauty and wildlife habitat of the park, assist with infrastructure improvements and maintenance tasks and facilitate public use and enjoyment of the natural resources of the Tall Pines State Preserve through passive recreation. We will raise funds for park improvements and raise awareness of the park and its value for the people of our region. Most importantly, The Friends of Tall Pines will be the organization that gives the many supporters of Tall Pines State Preserve the means and opportunity to turn that support into practical action. Our mission did not end with the establishment of Tall Pines State Preserve. It has just begun. For Tall Pines to be a great park, we have to do our part to help make it so.

You can be a part of this. Help keep Tall Pines State Preserve a place of natural beauty and ecological diversity for all to enjoy:

  • Join us. Become a member. Your dues will go directly for projects to enhance Tall Pines State Preserve. Because the Friends are a part of the South Jersey Land & Water Trust, an established nonprofit 501c3, all dues, donations and contributions are tax deductible.
  • Become a volunteer. If you wish to support Tall Pines by giving of your time, talents and labor join our corps of volunteers and be a personal part of the projects we will sponsor at the park.
  • Attend our fundraisers. Have a great time while supporting a great cause.
  • Spread the word. Tell your friends and neighbors about Tall Pines-Gloucester County‚Äôs first state preserve, and tell them about the Friends of Tall Pines and our mission there.

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