Bridge Out (Forever)

17, Sep Scott Barnes

If you've explored the nooks and crannies of the preserve's trail system, you may have seen a blocked-off area in the southeast corner pictured here. Why is there a dead-end asphalt trail here?

Long-time visitors including golfers may remember that there used to be a third bridge over the Mantua Creek. While the State was in the process of purchasing the park property, surveys revealed that the Deptford side of the bridge was not part of the golf course. Maybe this was caused by an old surveying error, or maybe the golf course had an informal arrangement with their neighbor. Regardless of the cause, the State insisted that the bridge be removed prior to settlement.

You can still walk downhill to the former site of the bridge -- and you might see some interesting birds or other wildlife there -- but you'll have to walk back uphill the way you came! As of today, we've updated our trail map to mark this section as One-Way.

Speaking of maps, State personnel are working on an official park map, including the park's first named trail. We will let you know as soon as that is ready.

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