Stopping the Spotted Lanternfly

08, Oct Rich Dilks

We’ve all seen them! The invasive and destructive spotted lanternfly has established a large and growing population at Tall Pines. These non-native insects attacks and kill our native trees, and are a threat to both our woodlands and to commercial fruit trees and vines. Right now the females are laying egg masses that will be next year’s lanternflies.

Here's how you can help:

1) Trap the adults: a really great tool for catching them is an ordinary plastic bottle. Check this short video for details:

2) Destroy the egg masses: look for the thin, gray egg masses on the trunks of Ailanthus trees (tree of heaven) and scrape them off into a plastic bag with a small knife or plastic card. Every egg mass that’s destroyed can prevent 40 to 60 lanternflies attacking the trees next year. Spotted lanternfly egg mass on tree trunk

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